1099 Compliance Quiz

We wouldn’t recommend skydiving without a parachute – that’s why we also wouldn’t recommend hiring independent contractors to work at your company without the proper compliance evaluation.

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Degree of Business Integration: Does your worker’s service significantly affect your business’ success?

Level of Instruction: do you direct when, where, and by whom the work is performed?

Flexibility of Schedule: Do you require your contractor to work within your company’s hours of business?

Full Time Work: Is your contractor working regular full time hours with your company? (30-40 hours per week)

On-Site Services: Does your company require your contractor to perform all work on your company’s premises?

Travel Expenses: Does your company reimburse your contractor for the cost of travel or business expenses?

Tools and Equipment: Does your company provide any tools or equipment to your contractor (computer, phone, construction equipment, etc.)?