True or False?

True or False:

It’s more efficient to put a project-based worker on internal payroll compared to an external payroll?



Statistically, the majority of our clients have found placing their project-based workers on an external payroll has saved them a significant amount of time, reduced administrative burdens and minimized headaches. Over time they’ve seen their bottom line increase while the overall burdens decrease.


Briefly how it works: okHire becomes the Employer of Record, placing your pre-identified associates onto our payroll where we handle all taxes (state/federal), insurances (workers comp, benefits, etc.), liabilities and compliance, and of course – issue paychecks.


At okHire we are in the business of saving you time and money. We offer Employer of Record services that fit the needs of your business. Give us a call today to see how we can help alleviate your administrative burdens.