Why More Companies are Moving Away from Traditional Staffing Agencies

We’ve found that our clients who utilize okHire’s Employer of Record services save an average of 50% compared to using traditional staffing agencies.


Typically staffing agencies rely on a “one size fits all” model to offer their clients, that may not yield the best results. At okHire we offer a tailored approach to fit the unique needs of our clients. 


okHire manages all of the following:

  • Interns
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Retirees
  • Independent Contractors/1099s
  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Short-term projects


Putting these types of workers on okHire’s payroll alleviates your company’s responsibilities for:

  • On-boarding/Off-boarding
  • Reporting
  • Taxes (state/federal)
  • Insurances (workers’ comp/benefits)
  • Liabilities and Compliance
  • Payroll (issuing paychecks)


okHire becomes the official Employer of Record for your pre-identified workers and takes on all burdens allowing you to get back to managing your company.